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Kara Kind

"Smiling Sheep" Hand-Felted Dryer Balls

"Smiling Sheep" Hand-Felted Dryer Balls

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In this adorable "smiling sheep" design, these wool dryer balls are made by hand, paying a strong living wage to women and minorities in Nepal.

YOUR LAUNDRY IS SOFTER NATURALLY WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR SYNTHETICS. (A perfect option for those with sensitive skin, including babies.)

EASILY SHORTENS DRY TIME: Saves money, time, and energy! If your dryer load is smaller, use 3 balls, and if your load is larger, use 5-6 balls). The Dryer Balls reduce static cling, soften and fluff fabric, and help clothes dry faster, which saves energy and money.

AWESOME FOR YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT: An excellent replacement for plastic dryer steamer balls, this product is healthier and petroleum-free.

A SMART CHOICE FOR YOUR WALLET: They last for a Thousand Washes, replace Dryer Sheets and Liquid Fabric Softeners, and reduce garbage waste.

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