How to Travel more Kindly in 2023

How to Travel more Kindly in 2023

Now that we're back to the skies, and people are starting to venture out across the world once again- here are 3 ways to reframe your travel experience that will make yourself and others feel absolutely great!

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  • Tip #1: Properly acknowledge and thank people you meet who work in the service & tourism industry. This could include people who have jobs as airline sales representatives at the desk and phone service, baggage attendants, security officers, flight attendants, taxi and ride share drivers, baristas, concierge, janitorial staff, tour guides, and any number of working professionals. Many working service professionals wear a name badge, but even still are often not given the respect and decency from many customers. If I see someone’s name I smile and simple add “Thank you so much for your help, Joan, I hope you have a beautiful day” etc. If they don’t wear a name tag I can see I will ask “what is your name please, oh, Estef, what a beautiful name, thank you so very much for the information”. I will speak with kindness and pay respect to the individual, and while my words vary I try and always communicate the same thing. That I am grateful to them, that they are valued, and that I acknowledge and respect their humanity. If lengthy social interaction is not fesible for you, working in small gestures of respect and kindness like a smile and a nod can also go a long way. In order to create a world where people are all treated with dignity, respect, and kindness we must acknowledge and show appreciation for those who are in the front lines of our demands on their time & service. Which leads to tip #2.

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  • Tip #2: Take nothing for granted, meet travel opportunities and experiences with gratitude. So it rained on your beach day, your flight got delayed, your Uber car smells a little stale, your baggage got wet, (all of these are just personal experiences by the way) the inconveniences don’t have to get you down. If the last few years have given us a lesson we can glean, it is that we truly cannot take anything for granted. It is not a given that we get to travel, and it is a gift to explore new places and see the sunrise in a different part of Earth. I’ve travelled several times solely for a funeral and I still tried very hard to ground myself in gratitude and be present instead of getting worked up about inconveniences and projecting pain. I am still working on this practice, it is something that takes time to be grounded and mindful but it does make me feel better when I ground myself in this practice. I use the 5-minute journal app daily but especially when I travel it makes me feel much calmer when I write what I am grateful for at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Tip #3: Visit your elders or chosen family you’d like to be closer with. I had the privilege to visit my grandmother in Florida this past fall, and it changed how I think about travel. Many travel sites tell you about all these extreme trips and breathtaking destinations, and that is absolutely exciting, but it could be just as rewarding to spend time with those you love but might have lost touch with. Why not call them and ask if you can plan a short trip that way? I never expect anyone to host, but when it works for both parties, it can be a great way to bond and connect under the same roof. It saddens me when the aging population does not get many visitors. They are still vibrant, interesting people with the same desire for meaningful connection and conversation as you or I.

It is not a given that we get to travel, and it is a gift to explore new places and see the sunrise in a different part of Earth.

So let us know in the comments…what was the tip that most stood out to you? Is there anything you would add? We would love to hear what you think about this topic. Type any feedback or questions by clicking below this article.

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